New Microsoft Teams Administrator Roles

New Microsoft Teams Administrator Roles

In many organizations, there is an entire team that comes together to enable and support users as they collaborate within Teams. Members of this team perform different roles and require different types of information and tools. The new Microsoft Teams admin roles allows you provide members of your admin team the access they need to be effective at their job.

Microsoft is introducing four Team admin roles:

  • Teams Service Administrator: The overall Teams workload admin, who can also manage and create O365 Groups. This role has access to all the controls available in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business admin center and their corresponding PowerShell equivalents. For example, this role can manage all meetings, voice, messaging, and org-wide settings.
  • Teams Communication Administrator: This role can manage meetings and calling functionality in Microsoft Teams. For example. this includes changes to conference bridges and phone number assignments.
  • Teams Communications Support Engineering: Users who are assigned this role have access to advanced call analytics tools. For example, they can view full call record information.
  • Teams Communications Support Specialist: This role has access to basic call analytics tools. For example, the can view information for the specific users being searched for.

PowerShell cmdlets are available for each role. Most of these can be found in the Skype for Business PowerShell module and some of them control share settings that are also used by Skype for Business.

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