Automatic creation of an org-wide team

This new Teams feature is added to Microsoft Teams. When your tenant does not contain no more than 5000 users, it will be possible to create an org-wide Team. Creation of the org-wide Teams will be available when creating a new Teams

Select the option “Build a team from scratch”

Select the option “Org-wide”

With the selection of the Org-Wide teams, all users in the organization will be added and Active Directory will keep it up to date.

These types of accounts won’t be added to your org-wide team:

  • Accounts blocked from sign-in.
  • Guest usersService accounts
  • Room or equipment accounts
  • Shared mailbox Accounts

The creation of Org-Wide teams can only be done by the Global Admins in your tenant.

When you don’t see the option to create a org-wide Teams it could be because any of the following limits:

  • Your tenant has more than 5000 users
  • You are not a Global Admin
  • You already have 5 org-wide teams in your tenant.
  • You are using Teams for Educations.

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