Eric Hartsink, UCC entrepreneur

Eric Hartsink, UCC entrepreneur and CEO at Communicativ

With more than 17 years of technical and functional experience in the IT industry Eric is a real erichartsinkentrepreneur and a full believer of new ways of communication. With the introduction of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 r2 Eric changed the focus of his company for 100% towards a Unified Communication and Collaboration proposition based on Microsoft solutions. Today his company Communicativ is one of the top UCC companies of the Netherlands with customers in more than 50 countries and more than 530.000 voice enabled users.

Eric is a well know speaker with a strong opinion against standardize (US) marketing material. With his presentation ‘The right step toward Microsoft Lync’ Eric informed more than 250 company’s how to make their transition from a standardize PBX environment towards a new communication platform. Not only from the technical perspective but also the functional challenges.

Characteristic for Eric is his innovative approach, his (technical) creativity, his strong focus on results and foremost his passion for creating new end-user solutions.

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