Skype for Business Private Lines

A great feature for users, for example executives who only wants to be reachable for secretaries, direct colleagues or closest friends during meetings.


Skype for Business makes it possible to assign private numbers to a user. Private telephone lines are often assigned to executives and others who want an unlisted telephone number at which they can be reached directly independent which presence is used.


What you can do and what you can’t.

A private number does not appear in your contact card or telephone directories. It can be used as some sort of hotline. Incoming calls doesn’t come trough if presence is set to “do not disturb”, incoming calls to a private number will do instead. Calls to a private line don’t follow “do not disturb” settings.


You can’t make a call with the private number as its caller id. Outgoing calls are always made with the normal number as caller id.  Also advanced routing features such as Response Group Routing, delegation and team call can’t be used. Its good to know that an private number doesn’t give a user an extra (private) SIP address or extra presence possibilities. Private line functionality only works with telephone calls. Skype or Lync calls which using the users SIP address following the normal “do not disturb” settings.


Optical and audible differences

To differentiate normal and private calls Skype for Business announce private calls a bit different then it does with normal calls.

A toaster with a “Private call” banner in top popups and plays a different ringtone when calls coming in trough the private line.



  • Private numbers can only be managed via Powershell (set-csuser -identity “” -privateline “Tel:+31881234567”).
  • Private numbers doesn’t show up when using the normal “get-csuser” cmdlet, instead we can use the explicit “Get-CsUser | fl -PrivateLine” cmdlet to get the user’s private number
  • A user can only have one private number.
  • Forwarded calls from a private line to an alternate number shows the private phone number and can be displayed in 3rd party logs.
  • Invites from a conference to the private number are not announced with the “Private call” toaster.
  • Private telephone lines should be configured only in deployments of Skype for Business Server and not in mixed deployments.

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