ORTC / WebRTC and Skype (for Business)

Announced several years ago with Lync, now a couple of stages further in development, WebRTC and ORTC are already enabled on some platforms and Microsoft is working hard on getting a unified experience by enabling those technologies on all platforms and software. But what is it actually?

 Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) And Object Real-Time Communications (ORTC) will enable “seamless web integration” with Microsoft’ communication platforms. This means a web developer could integrate Skype into his/her web pages.
We’re talking Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome here for the moment.

 Think of the possibilities here – (video)calling a service- or helpdesk straight from within the browser for example, or start an instant-meeting from within an active forum, to think of only a few.
While this technology itself might not be new, it is new that this can be done without installing any additional software or plug-in (how small and a quick installing those could be anyway). Only your browser will be enough.

Extend this to mobiles or tablets, “WebTops” or chromebooks, and the reach of thousands, even millions out there not having installed skype, skype for business or one of its plug-ins: with just one requirement; an up-to-date browser to be able to leverage real-time communications straight from the web!

The original Article stating the availability, capabilities and used technologies can be found here.

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