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De mythe over poort 5086 en 5087 0

De mythe over poort 5086 en 5087

For those who do have experience with Lync both ports should be well known ports. Both port 5086 and 5087 are used by the mobility feature of Lync. Depending on your configuration however these...

Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer 0

Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer

Microsoft has launched a new tool yesterday. This tool will help you to test both your internal and external network for the Lync Apps which are available via both the Windows Store and several...

Aanpassen Lync meeting requests 0

Aanpassen Lync meeting requests

In Lync 2010 it was not possible to customize the meeting requests which was send when creating a meeting request using Outlook. If you want to make some adjustments to it you could do...