Office 2016 for Windows released

A while ago Microsoft already released Office 2016 for Mac – but today’s the date for Office 2016 for Windows. In addition to the “default” apps, the release is also for Visio and Project 2016.

We’re using Microsoft Office 2016 for some time in preview already. Tons of new features are available as part of this release.

First to note is a new refreshed UI, touch-friendly. Of course the ribbon is still here, but Office will recognize whether you’re using touch or mouse input and adapts the size of buttons to this, for example.


Another one to note is the co-authoring of documents: to work on a document from multiple devices, with multiple editors simultaneously. Given that the document is saved on SharePoint or OneDrive, opening this document with multiple people from multiple laptops/places, you will be able to edit the same document both or all at the same time.
While this is not new to Office 2016 itself; it is new that this co-authoring is done near real-time. When editing documents, you actually see what the co-author(s) are writing, instead of having to update the document to see the changes. Here is a good video on this feature.

Another one I personally like is one in Outlook: attaching documents to an e-mail will default to share via OneDrive. So, when attaching a document, a list of recently used or opened documents will be shown to choose from; if not one of your choosing, you’re still able to browse of course.
When selecting a document placed on OneDrive or SharePoint, Outlook will automatically share the document to all recipients and add a link to the document in the e-mail, instead of the document itself.
This saves time, effort, size of the e-mail and adds flexibility as the document(s) don’t need to be sent for new changes or revisions. Lastly it adds to security as access can be controlled or revoked whenever necessary.

Outlook Short Attach

Of course it’s still possible to change this to just attach the document instead; however now it becomes far more easy to share documents and files via OneDrive using the software it is shared through the most! Same video explains this process a bit more.

Last item to mention, is that the experience will be shared over all Windows 10 devices out there – With the Office 2016 Universal Apps, the office-experience will extend to mobile devices. Enabling word-editing your e-mails, view, edit and share or present your documents and PowerPoint slidedecks – this just adds so much more flexibility and power to your mobile devices.

And then there are a lot of other new exiting features I haven’t covered here – new visualizations and possibilities in PowerPoint, new charts in excel to just name a few. I just want to encourage you to get started with the latest and greatest in the Office family, which is now possible starting today!

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