Some Unpleasant Bugs in Exchange 2016 CU2

Recently I came across unpleasant bugs in the Exchange Admin Center of Exchange 2016 CU2

Creating a custom Frontend receive connector for relaying purposes.

Normally I create these type of connectors with PowerShell, no problems there.

When I recently wanted to create this connector with the GUI, it showed me the screen below.

2016-08-17 11_48_43-Receive Connector

The option to select the Frontend Transport is Disabled







In the previous CU version, the screen shows like this.

2016-08-17 16_57_34-Receive Conn-2


Here you can select the Frontend Transport option







Of course you can create the connector with PowerShell: (example)

New-ReceiveConnector -Name ‘Relay connector’ -RemoteIPRanges @(‘’) -Bindings @(‘’) -Usage ‘Custom’ -Server ‘Server.domain’ -TransportRole ‘FrontendTransport’

Configure external access domain

Running Exchange Server CU 2 has another bug.

When you want to fill in the external domain to autofill all the external URL’s there is no way to select a server from the dialogbox (No server is shown)

2016-08-17 12_00_14-configure external access domain








In CU1 you can select the server!

2016-08-17 16_58_45-configure external access








Of Course there are several ways to do this with Powershell!

TechNet has a good script to perform this. :

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