Let’s get started with Exchange server 2019

Yesterday the whole Exchange community was excited to hear all the new stuff from the Microsoft product team around Microsoft their new Exchange version Exchange server 2019.

a quick roundup on all the news of yesterday’s session:

  • Exchange server 2019 will only be available via Volume licensing
  • Exchange server 2019 release date is not set in stone but will be later this year
  • Exchange server 2019 is developed separately beside Exchange online, this is done to specifically develop features to connect both platforms and let you move smoother to the cloud
  • Exchange server 2019 will not have Unified Messaging available, if you want Voicemail, stay on 2016 or move to cloud voicemail and or other solutions
  • Exchange server 2019 will only run on Windows Server 2019
  • Windows server 2019 Core is the preferred OS architecture
  • Exchange server 2019 will only use TLS 1.2 (it is important to have the existing Exchange deployment updated)
  • Microsoft recommends 128GB for Mailbox server, 64GB for Edge server
  • Exchange server 2019 will now use .NET server Garbage Collection in stead of Workstation Garbage collection to better use and manage large memory sizes.
  • SSD spinning disk ratio 1:3
  • SSD’s to store 10% of the MetaCache Database (MCDB)
  • Exchange server 2019 assigns dynamically memory for caching active and or passive mailbox database copies
  • Exchange server 2019 will support 20% more users compared to a similar configuration running Microsoft Exchange server 2016
  • Exchange server 2019 will now support Client Access Rules like we already have in Microsoft Exchange online
  • Exchange server 2019 will introduce Remove-Calendarevents to remove meetings created by a user that left the organization
  • When setting OOF you can also block your agenda during that period so new meetings will automatically be declined
  • Exchange server 2019 document can be found here

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