Exchange 2016 CU10 Released

Exchange 2016 CU10 has been released to the Microsoft download centre! CUs are a complete installation of Exchange 2016 and can be used to install a fresh server or to update a previously installed one. Exchange 2013 has the same servicing methodology.

Download Exchange 2016 CU10

This is build 15.01.1531.003 of Exchange 2016 and the update is helpfully named ExchangeServer2016-x64-CU10.iso which allows us to easily identify the update.  Details for the release are contained in KB KB4099852.


Updates Of Particular Note

.NET framework 4.7.1 is now required.

Exchange 2016 CU10 and onwards will require the VC++ 2013 runtime library installed on the server.


The below updates will be of use to many customers running in an Exchange hybrid deployment.

4058473 An Office 365 primary mailbox user cannot be assigned full access permissions for an on-premises mailbox in Exchange Server

4133605 Cmdlets to create or modify a remote shared mailbox in an on-premises Exchange environment

Starting in Cumulative Update 21 for Exchange Server 2013 and Cumulative Update 10 for Exchange Server 2016 in an on-premises Exchange Server environment, you can directly create or modify a remote shared mailbox by using the new parameter -shared with the following cmdlets:

  • Enable-RemoteMailbox: [-Identity user] [-Shared] [-RemoteRoutingAddress user@domain]
  • New-RemoteMailbox: [-Shared] [-Name RemoteMailboxName]
  • Set-RemoteMailbox: [-Name user] [-Type Shared]

Note – if after installing the CU you do not see the new –Shared parameter then the step to manually run /PrepareAD was not done.  Read the rest of this post for details on that issue.

CU9 also includes the latest DST updates.


Issues Resolved

4056609 Event ID 4999 and mailbox transport delivery service won’t start with Exchange Server 2016 CU7 installed

4133605 Cmdlets to create or modify a remote shared mailbox in an on-premises Exchange environment

4133620 “HTTP 500 due to ADReferralException” error when a user tries to view detail properties of mailboxes in a child domain in Exchange Server

4095974 “System.InvalidOperationException” occurs when the “Enable-MailPublicFolder” cmdlet is run against a public folder in Exchange Server

4095973 Set-ServerComponentState cmdlet does not honor the write scope defined in the RBAC management scope in Exchange Server

4095993 HTTP 500 error when an administrator tries to manage regional settings in ECP on Windows Server 2016

4294209 Cannot clear the “Maximum message size” check box for Send messages or Receive messages in EAC in Exchange Server 2016

4294208 “TooManyObjectsOpenedException” error when you run the “Get-PublicFolderMailboxDiagnostics” cmdlet in Exchange Server

4294212 Cannot send VBScript-created messages in the Outlook 2016 client

4294211 Cannot run “Set-CalendarProcessing” cmdlets after you apply CU8 or CU9 for Exchange Server 2016

4294210 Cannot edit an email attachment in OWA in an Exchange Server 2016 environment

4294204 Changing “IsOutOfService” to “False” in an earlier Exchange Server version does not immediately update in a later Exchange Server environment

4092041 Description of the security update for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2016: May 8, 2018

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